Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On Wednesday we went to the North Harbour Gymnastics Centre. The excitement was building from the time we all arrived at kindergarten and by the time we were on the bus we all couldn't wait to get there.
At the gym we did a warm up with Robyn the instructor. This taught us all the importance of stretching our muscles and getting them warm before we did any exercise.
We then split into 2 groups to explore different areas of the gym.
One side challenged our bodies to climb over under and through, jumping and swinging from the trapeze as well as the proper way to do forward rolls - sky tower, bridge, tuck head and roll.
The other side was all about balancing, testing our strength on the bars, and of course the fun ring swing.
One of the highlights was the sponge pit which we could jump into from the trampoline.
At the end we all piled on to the bus, tired but with smiles from ear to ear.
Nov 2013

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