Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kelly Tarltons - Wednesday 12th March 2014

With the children's interest in sea creatures becoming a primary focus at kindergarten it seemed like a really good time for a trip to Kelly Tarltons to see the creatures up close.
We used the lead up to talk about what lives in the ocean and we started to draw and paint seahorses, paua, starfish, fish and other sea creatures.
The children took a question sheet to Kelly Tarltons with pictures of things they might see and these helped them to find out some really interesting facts.
We saw sharks, fish, penguins, starfish, crayfish, eels, seahorses, stingrays and more.
The stingray feeding and the penguins seemed to be a highlight for all.
We all enjoyed seeing the penguins swimming under water, they looked like they were flying, and trying to spot the baby penguin with its mum and dad.
Since we have been back at kindergarten we have been looking more in-depth into the facts we learnt and adding to our artistic impressions of the sea creatures.
An interest that surprised the teachers was in the creation of Kelly Tarltons and the facts we learnt about Kelly himself.
This trip has sparked conversation about conservation and learning to protect our environment.
The learning opportunities in this trip support our growing interest in sustainability, and looking after the world
around us.
12th March - 2014



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