Monday, 24 November 2014

Kiwi Valley Farm Trip - Wednesday 19th November

Trip day dawned lovely, fine and warm and the anticipation was building as everyone arrived at kindergarten. We piled on to the bus for the drive to Kiwi Valley Farm.
As the bus pulled into the driveway we got our first glimpse of the sheep in the paddock. We climbed off the bus, eager to see all the animals as soon as possible.
We started our visit in the main shed learning a few things about being on the farm. We learnt that it was important to be calm and quiet around the animals and to move slowly, not to run so that they didn't get scared.
As Farmer Crystal was talking the ducks and chickens were wandering around checking us all out, and a peacock even came into the shed for a look. We also met the Alpacas who were inside waiting to be shorn.
 Then we were on our way out to the farm for the first of our activities. Everyone got a ride on Spud the farm tractor, then given some food to feed the animals. We learnt how to hold the food with our hands flat so that the animals could eat off our hands without nibbling our fingers. It took a lot of courage for everyone to give this a go as the animals looked a lot bigger close up.
Then it was on to the horse riding arena where we all put on our helmets before riding. These are so important because it is a long way down from the horses back which can make it a bit scary. But everyone was so brave. When everyone had had a ride we moved through to the nursery area where we met the rabbits, guinea pigs, piglets, baby goats and even 2 water buffalo. We really had to practice our slow movements and quiet voices with the babies!
 Then it was back to the main shed for some well earned lunch and a play in the play ground. What a fantastic trip, a lot to see and to learn and a great chance to experience a farm environment up close.

Annie, Rachel, Tania, Jackie, Sandy and Leanne - 19th November 2014

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