Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rangitoto Trip - 18/03/2015

Our trip to Rangitoto dawned bright and sunny. We piled on to the bus at 8am so we could race to catch the 9.25 ferry. The ferry ride was quick and straight up ahead we could see Rangitoto. We left the ferry and stopped for a quick morning tea before taking a stroll along the boardwalk through the mangroves. Next we headed for the fern walk which had some very interesting fauna that we were amazed could grow on the lava rock. We found out that the birds brought the seeds over to Rangitoto form the mainland. 
Next we headed up hill to check out the path of the lava flow. We reached another boardwalk with some information about the volcano, but the best thing was the amazing lava rocks all around. We braved climbing over them, being really careful as we knew how sharp they could be. 
From here it was back down to the bottom for some much deserved lunch, then an explore around the old baches and the shoreline. 

This trip to Rangitoto was a wonderful experince. For the children at Torbay Kindergarten this is their mountain. We see it every time we go down to Waiake beach and many can see it from their houses. The trip affirmed the scientific knowledge that the children had been exploring at kindergarten, and they brought a wealth of knowledge with them on the trip.

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