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Newsletter - March 2016

March 2016
Term Dates:
Term 1:
 Older Group: 25 January – 13 April
Younger Group: 21 January – 15 April

Teachers’ Update
What a busy few weeks we have had here at kindergarten. The excitement has peaked in the last few days with the arrival of our eggs in the incubator. We have been so lucky to be here when some of the chickens have hatched and now we are enjoying watching them in the brooder. They are getting bigger and more active every day. This experience has been wonderful for both our older and younger children and we have been able to make the most of the learning opportunities both at mat time and in our displays. When you check out the chickens we would love you to take time to read the display and share with your child.
This interest in nature will be enhanced for our older group with a visit from Brian Lawton, an entomologist, as well as a trip to Kiwi Valley Farm, to get up close with the animals.
As usual, summer has presented us with some fabulous days and we have enjoyed getting wet in the lazy river and under the sprinkler as well as lazy afternoons reading and playing games in the shade from our wonderful trees. How lucky we are with our beautiful outdoor environment.
Beach Explorers
Our Beach Explorers expeditions have kicked off again and the children are eagerly waiting their turn to come along. Don’t worry if your child hasn’t been yet, we only take the oldest children, usually in the term before they are due to go to school. Everyone will get to come when the time is right.
These trips have a real focus on caring for the environment and the role we have in looking after our Turangawaewae, our local standing place.
We are coming up to our annual Ride-a-Thon, the first of only 2 fundraisers that we hold during the year.
This fun event is a chance for families to get together and to raise some money for your kindergarten. So bring the Grandparents, Aunts Uncles and friendly neighbours along for a fun family day.
Date: Saturday 19th March
Time: 11-1pm
Place: Torbay Primary School
See the attached flyer for all the important details.
This is an on-going issue outside kindergarten. If you have a high-sided vehicle (this includes people movers, SUV’s and vans), please park on the road. We have had a few near misses when people are trying to back out of the car parks; they are unable to see the traffic coming down the hill.
We have reserved the right to park behind the teachers cars for families that have special needs. Please do not park there unless you have seen a teacher about this.

Dates to Remember
Tues 8th March
Committee Meeting
Thurs 10th March
Hearing and Vision (younger group)
Mon 14th March
Autumn Harvest Morning
Hearing and Vision (older group)
Sat 19th March
Wed 23rd March
Entomologist visit (older group)
Wed 6th April
Kiwi Valley (older group)
Hearing and Vision
Hearing and Vision is a national screening service that happens in Early Childhood Centres for all 4 year olds. All children are seen once in the couple of terms following their 4th birthday. They will only be seen again if there is a recommendation for a follow up. When you enrolled at kindergarten you filled in all the paperwork needed for these checks to be carried out. The checks are done in a fun and interactive way with children playing a listening game and then wearing a ‘pirate patch’ and looking at shapes for the vision test. Our children find this experience fun and non threatening as it happens in an environment where they are already comfortable. If you would like to know more then please chat to a teacher about the process.
There is no need to do anything special on the day. The checks are carried out in our normal session times for both the older and younger group.
Donations and fees
Since January 2015, all the fee payments are now passed on to our Head Office at NAKA. This money goes towards repairs and maintenance at an Association level. For example – our back fence needs repairs and NAKA will pay for this rather than the money coming out of our Kindergarten Fund.
The donation amount is now even more important to the kindergarten as we use this for all resources- consumables (paint, paper etc) and equipment (games, toys, furniture etc).
You will have received an invoice for the term a few weeks ago. It would be great if we can get all fees and donations in well before the end of term. Thanks very much, we really appreciate your support.
Gate safety
When leaving the kindergarten could you please check that the gate is closed securely and make sure that only your own children exit the gate with you. Last week a child raced out with another family and straight on to the road. Please help us to make sure that this doesn’t happen again
Please take the time to label your child’s belongings, including hats, lunchboxes and containers, drink bottles and clothes. This helps

us to remind your child to return these items to their bags during session.

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