Sunday, 30 July 2017

Litter Free at Torbay Kindergarten

Litter- free Lunchboxes.                       
The trip to Zero Waste has had a huge impact on our understanding of current rubbish and recycling procedures.
After extensive team discussion, we have made the decision to become a rubbish free kindergarten.
We have noticed that many of you have moved towards wrapper free lunch boxes and this is working really well. Wrappings and packaging will now stay in your child’s lunchbox and be sent home for you to recycle. At kindergarten, all children’s food scraps will be sorted into compost or chicken feed.
How can you help to recycle the rubbish that comes home?
Soft recycling (this can be dropped into the drums at local supermarkets- usually around the entranceway) Soft recycling includes (it must be dry):
Chip packets, Glad wrap, museli bar wrappers, biscuit wrappers, pasta and rice wrappers, bread bags, frozen food bags, plastic shopping bags. Basically anything that can be scrunched into a ball can go into these drums.
Hard recycling (this is your usual recycling bin at home)
Yogurt pots, potato stick packets, Le Snak packaging, sushi trays, raisin packets, tinfoil (that has been squeezed into a ball), lunch wrap paper, etc
Another option is to become completely wrapper free.
Here are some ideas to make your child’s lunchbox wrapper free:
Reusable/ resealable plastic containers, compartment lunchboxes that don’t require wrapped food, reusable ziplock bags, the options are endless!
The children are really embracing this recycling knowledge as we revisit our learning through mat time games and morning tea and lunch times. Please come on board and help us to look after our planet. This supports our move towards sustainable practice and being guardians of our environment- Kaitiakitanga.

For more information on soft packaging recycling, please visit:

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